A Chance to Give Back

This year, our annual food bank drive was named after the late W. Patrick Clarke, co-founder of NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC, and with perfect reason.

Janelle Hardy, who assisted with this year’s event, said:

“The food bank is a way for us to be a secret Santa. Patrick always gave and did not want recognition for it; he just wanted to see people having their basic needs met. He was the co-owner of our company, but he was also a dad and took care of many people in a ‘dad’ sort of way. He was a doer and a fixer of problems, a giver, and he did it selflessly.”

Our immediate goal was to raise $5,000 with a company match for a total of $10,000. We also dreamed of filling a semi-truck with food. When we launched the event with such a small window of time to raise the money, we had no idea the outpouring of kindness we were about to experience.

In just under two weeks, our employees raised $18,686.30 for the Food Bank of the Heartland. A total of $15,005.64 was spent directly on food, and the remaining $3,680.66 was also donated. At 12pm on November 22, Hy-Vee delivered the semi-truck full of food to our NorthStar office – a once seemingly far-off dream became a reality.


Some of the items in the truck included:

Over 1,000 boxes of macaroni and cheese

Over 1,200 cans of tuna

Over 2,500 cans of fruit cocktail

Over 2,500 cans of green beans

Over 1,500 boxes of instant oatmeal

These items are in high demand at the food bank, and represent just a fraction of the total food donated.

IMG_0127 copy

After the food was loaded into a new truck to be taken by the food bank, and on a break between hugs and handshakes, Todd Clarke, CEO of NorthStar subsidiary CLS Investments, LLC, presented the check for the remaining amount to the Food Bank of the Heartland’s President Susan Ogborn.



We can’t thank our employees enough for their generosity and enthusiasm for this event. We pride ourselves on working amongst such big hearts.

“It is truly an honor to be associated with such a giving group of people. A special thanks to George S. and the entire Events Committee. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. My Dad would be proud.”– Todd Clarke

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