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As we look at our goals past and present, celebrate successes and those who made it possible, we also want to share our involvement in the community. Eric Clarke, President of NorthStar subsidiary Orion Advisor Services, LLC, provides a personal look at the TeamMates Mentoring Program. Employees from a variety of positions throughout the NorthStar family have given of their time to take part in the program, making a positive impact in the community.



From There To Here

As we continue to celebrate NorthStar’s 10-Year Anniversary, we sat down with its Executive Vice President of National Sales, Bill Wostoupal.

Bill provides us with his unique perspective from behind the sales desk, and discusses our growth and how we got from there to here.



Building NorthStar

As we began to talk with people throughout the organization about the ten year anniversary, a recurring theme began to emerge: The people who have made a profound impact on NorthStar have been profoundly impacted by NorthStar.

The term excellence has become a PR staple; a word that gets thrown on a banner, a brochure, or a website, and is most often unrecognizable due to its overuse. At NorthStar, the term excellence is more than a bold print we put on a coffee mug; it’s a commitment infused in our DNA. If we do something, you know that we will do it well. This excellence tends to have an effect on people and not get left behind when they walk out the door. With that, when people talk about how they helped build NorthStar, they can’t help but talk about how NorthStar helped build them.