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Are U.S. Equities Overvalued?

Content provided by Kostya Etus, CLS Associate Portfolio Manager The word “overvalued” has been thrown around a lot lately, specifically when referring to the U.S. stock market. But, this kind of classification needs to be put into perspective and backed up with data. The idea of elevated valuations is that they tend to lead to...

The Value of International Investing

Content provided by J.J. Schenkelberg Lately, we have been talking a lot about the attractive relative valuation of international stocks versus the S&P 500.  We can see it in the earnings numbers and valuation reports.  But, I don’t think anything really brings to light the relative opportunity with international stocks like the charts below.  Pictures...

The Cost of a Five Finger Christmas

Content Provided by Michele Prell, CLS New Business Manager In the last couple weeks of Christmas shopping, my husband and I decided we were going to get our son a LeapPad 3 tablet this year. We went to two stores, and both of them were sold out of the green ones, which left only the pink....

Mid Caps vs. Large and Small Caps

Content provided by Scott Kubie, CLS Chief Strategist Small cap U.S. stocks have failed to keep pace with their large cap counterparts this year, by a wide margin. Through November 21, the Russell 2000 was up only 1.9%, while Russell’s large cap index, the Russell 200, was up 13.3%. The surprise this year has been...

Minimizing Your Losses

Content provided by Joe Porter, CLS Investment Performance Analyst Percy Harvin signed with the Seahawks in the summer of 2013 for $67M over six years. I was excited, because when Harvin is healthy, he is one of the top wide receivers out there. With Harvin’s help, my dream of a Super Bowl Championship could become...

Value Investing Works – But It’s Hard For a Variety of Reasons

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CLS Chief Investment Officer Why does value investing work? Simply put, the expected return for any investment is determined by the price you pay. For example, a great company could still be a bad investment if the price paid is too high. Conversely, a sub-par company could be a good investment...

From Europe, With Love

Content provided by Kostya Etus – Research/Portfolio Analyst  I recently took a tour of Europe with my wife. We started in London, then traveled to Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, and finally Rome. Two significant observations became very apparent to me: Every city was very different when compared to the others (as well as to the...

Returns by Time Horizon

Content provided by Sierra Morris – Jr. Investment Research Analyst The recent sell-off has been alarming for investors. However, is this move over a short period of time warranted in causing so much concern? We consistently tell investors to focus on the long term when looking at their investment portfolios, so let’s take a look...

CLS’s Top 10 ETF Holdings

Content provided by Sierra Morris, Jr. Investment Research Analyst Below are our top 10 holdings as of September 30, 2014   1. VIG: Vanguard Dividend Appreciation (5.8%) This fund identifies domestic firms that have increased their dividends for at least 10 years and uses screens to avoid companies that are likely to cut dividends in...

Hedge the Euro? Not So Fast!

Content provided by Paula Wieck, CLS Manager of Investment Research While CLS still thinks Europe looks attractive, what about the euro? Clearly by increasing our European exposure, we are increasing our exposure to the euro as well. Despite the fact that the dollar has been on a tear lately, the euro has fallen considerably since...