Case Study

How can institutions utilize the components of NorthStar 
to better position themselves in the market place?

Consider the following case study of a Registered Investment Adviser:


Works primarily in the retail market and has $500M under management.

Has very similar “like accounts” with lower account balances.

Actively communicates with individual clients while continuing to grow the business.

Is the dominant portfolio manager for all clients, but also utilizes research done by outside parties with targeted expertise.


For an advisor whose business is expanding, an outsourced back office can provide needed scale and allows for more time with individual clients. Less time spent on “administrative” functions also creates valuable opportunities to meet with prospective clients.

For the advisor with many accounts that look similar, a pooled investment solution can provide better efficiency, as well as innovative distribution methods.

In fulfilling the portfolio management role, an advisor can find greater focus by using either a sub-advisor or outside investment research.

Finally, a consistency in communications with clients and prospects can be achieved across multiple media platforms.

NorthStar can be a partner in each of these solutions or all. Contact us today to discuss how NorthStar can empower your business.

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