Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for Your Closet

Content provided by Sierra Morris-Fuchs, CLS Investment Research Analyst As the weather warms up, and I finally start to feel alive again after a long, cold winter, I always get motivated to do a thorough house cleaning. Hibernation can create some messy habits – dust collected on shelves, layers of dirt on windows, old clothes...

March Madness: The Investment Edition

Content provided by Scott Kubie, CFA – CLS Chief Strategist It’s ‘March Indecision’ time. Should I fill out a bracket this year? Will I be able to resist watching the end of nearly every game because I happened to have filled out a bracket (probably not)? Who should I pick to play Kentucky in the...

It’s About Closing the Gap

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CFA – CLS Chief Investment Officer As investment advisors and counselors, our job/mission/calling is to close the gap — the behavior gap. The behavior gap is the reason most investors’ portfolio returns don’t even come close to achieving market returns. Their emotions (such as fear and greed) have them chasing...

Don’t Confuse Brains With a Bull Market

Content provided by Paula Wieck, CLS Manager of Investment Research/Portfolio Manager I had the opportunity to speak to several advisors last week about their businesses.  A couple of these conversations resonated with me, particularly because this subject has come up frequently. One advisor’s client was contemplating whether or not to relieve him of his services...

All In: An East Coast Guy in a Midwest Home

Content provided by Robyn Murray, Freelance Writer Three nights a week, Marc Pfeffer can be found at a poker table. Sometimes at a house, other times at a clubhouse or local firehouse. He plays with people from his neighborhood that he could call friends. But that’s not quite the word for them. “People aren’t friends...

The Risks and Rewards of International Investing

Content provided by Kostya Etus, CLS Associate Portfolio Manager At CLS, we have been focusing a lot on international investing recently. One reason is that we see a significant potential for outperformance within international equities when compared to the domestic U.S. market. This potential stems from many factors, including: Valuations are more attractive in international...


Content provided by J.J. Schenkelberg, CFA, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager Trust is a key feature surrounding the financial and investment industry.  Our clients trust their advisors to help safeguard their assets and grow their financial security.  Our advisors trust CLS Investments to carry out the plan they have set forth for their clients and choose...

Chasing Disappointment

Content provided by Josh Jenkins, CLS Associate Portfolio Manager Last month, Portfolio Manager Grant Engelbart contributed to this blog, an entry titled Emotional Volatility. In it, Engelbart advocated a pragmatic approach to managing ones wealth. One that ignores the endless volume of market noise and the visceral and often illogical decisions it promotes.  Instead, he...

Where Are You Going in Europe?

Content provided by Scott Kubie, CFA, CLS Chief Strategist I’ve never been to Europe, although I hope to go soon. When I hear people talk about traveling in Europe, they always break it down by country because there is too much history and culture to take in during a single trip. When I visit, my...