How to Build Trust

Content provided by Sierra Morris, CLS Junior Investment Research Analyst I think we can all agree that trust in financial professionals was tarnished following the crisis in 2008, and still has not been fully recovered. You can see and hear it anywhere – from Occupy Wall Street to your neighbor who talks about how they...

The Benefits of a Transfer on Death Account

Content provided by Nate Wattier, CLS Client Services Manager Earlier this year, I walked a bereaved daughter through the frustrating task of setting up an estate account for a small, individually registered account which had been set up years ago by her recently-deceased mother.  Not only was this poor woman coping with the death of...

How to Use the News

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CLS Chief Investment Officer A lot of information flows across investors’ screens these days, more information than ever before. This is the case for both individual and professional investors. Just how much of this information is important though? How much is just trivia and filler? How much of it is...

The Velocity of Money

Content provided by Scott Kubie, CLS Chief Investment Strategist With all the effort central banks have made to revive economic growth, why hasn’t it increased? While not the culprit, the velocity of money is the statistic that shows why the efforts aren’t being met with proportionate success. According to Investopedia, the velocity of money measures is,...

Advisor Insight: Anthony Lishka, Lishka Financial

Anthony Lishka, Financial Advisor with Lishka Financial discusses the value, for clients and himself, in working with a family owned firm.  

The Long and Short of It

Content provided by Grant Engelbart, CLS Portfolio Manager The world of alternative investments is vast, and often times a little blurry.  A good place to start when thinking about alternatives is a fairly simple idea – buy stocks you like, sell stocks you don’t.  This is the general premise for a long/short strategy.  Since, in...

Market Return Indicators

Content provided by J.J. Schenkelberg, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager How to predict market returns. That is the magic formula that investors have been seeking since the beginning of investment time. While there are dozens of factors that could be used, the three predominant factors that are widely accepted throughout the investment world include: 1. Earnings...