Big Growth in Little Europe

Content provided by Grant Engelbart, CLS Portfolio Manager Our interest in Europe is no secret. Attractive valuations in the Eurozone and other international markets make a compelling argument to invest abroad, but what about growth?  A great way to invest more granularly in the European recovery is through small caps. While small cap earnings growth...

What makes us an ETF Specialist?

Content provided by Paula Wieck, CLS Portfolio Manager CLS is an investment firm that specializes in ETFs.  So, why do we consider ourselves specialists? Did you know that we analyze over 200 data points on over 1,200 ETFs on a daily basis?  That’s about a quarter of a million statistics which aid us in the investment...

Q & A with CLS Portfolio Managers

For advisors who manage their own money, what value does CLS add? Steve Donahoe, CFA, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager A question I would ask in reply is where does that advisor’s economic outlook come from in order to set their allocations?  At CLS we have an investment team of 14 Portfolio Manager’s and research staff...

Don’t Forget to Give Back

Content provided by Steve Donahoe, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager I sit on a board of a local non-profit charity called Omaha Crimestoppers. We pay rewards to individuals that provide tips to the local police department that lead to the arrest of criminals. Recently there was a horrendous murder spree in Omaha that claimed the life...

New Active Methodology

Q: What is CLS’s active methodology? Pure, focused, global portfolios dedicated to a particular asset class segment, risk, or theme. These portfolios are concentrated; they will take active tilts relative to their benchmarks, and likely have higher turnover than our conventional Risk-Budgeted portfolios over time. Q: What are the differences between the active strategies and...

New Strategic Methodology Q&A

Q: What is CLS’s strategic methodology? In short, we emphasize high quality stocks and bonds. High quality stocks are those companies that tend to have higher profitability, stronger balance sheets, and higher dividend growth. High quality bonds meanwhile, are essentially Treasury bonds, including Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). Once the portfolio is established, we will not...

The Power of Delegation

Content provided by J.J. Schenkelberg Sometimes I’m a little embarrassed by this fact, I know I’m spoiled and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy this luxury, but I’ll admit it. . . I have someone who comes and cleans our house every two weeks.  Actually, we’ve had this luxury since I...

New Strategies: Q&A

Q: CLS has developed 10 new strategies, what was the driving force behind the expansion? When you walk into our building, the first thing you see on the wall is the saying “We empower investment advisors.” In short, these new strategies will help us reach out and empower more advisors to help more investors. One...

VBC’s “Always Be…”

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CLS Chief Investment Officer My son and I started a club a few years ago called the Vanneman Boys’ Club. It has a bunch of cool stuff, including secret handshakes, codes, and sayings.   It’s all quite top-secret, of course, but I think I can share one story from a few...

A Fleeting Glimpse at Risk

Content provided by Matt Santini, CLS Portfolio Manager The Waters and Gilmour masterpiece has a very well-known lyric about a fleeting glimpse. What many people don’t know is that song, Comfortably Numb, had the working title during production of “The Doctor.”  Sometimes you need a doctor to distinguish for you the difference between a cold...