A New 40(bama)1(k) Plan

Content provided by Nate Wattier, Client Services Manager Despite the overabundance of parentheses in the name, the new MyRA President Obama signed into creation in January seems (for now) to be fairly simple. Who can participate? The new retirement plan accounts are designed for low- to middle-income full and part time workers that do not...

New Year, Same Plan

Content provided by Grant Engelbart, CLS Portfolio Manager I love to dig deep into the weeds and analyze industry sub-sectors, individual commodities, you name it. But sometimes it is important to “zoom out” and look at the big picture, especially when starting off a new year. There are many lessons to keep in mind for...

Top and Bottom ETFs

Content provided by Rui Wang, CLS Research Analyst 2013 was a great year for equity market in general, with the price return of the S&P 500 up 29 percent and the Russell 2000 up 36 percent. However, the MSCI ACWI ex-US index only rose 12 percent. Compared to the broad market indices, there was a...

Paperwork Changes for 2014

Content provided by Michele Prell, CLS New Business Manager As the 2014 year gets under way, most of us have New Year’s Resolutions that we are trying to implement, whether it be personally or professionally. CLS is no different. Over the past six months, members of the New Business, Sales, Technology, and Service teams have...

Index Universe Introduces ETF Awards

Leading online ETF publication, IndexUniverse, has a 14 year track record in covering product and market activity related to ETFs, indexes, and index funds. In the ever-growing ETF environment, IndexUniverse created 23 awards “designed to recognize the people, companies and products that are moving the industry forward and helping to create better outcomes for investors.”...

Returns Distributions

Content provided by Scott Kubie, CLS Chief Strategist Predicting the stock market’s return is hard. I don’t remember a lot of people predicting an up 30 percent for the market last year. In fact, during this time of the year, the only thing more certain than people rapidly breaking New Year’s resolutions is stock market...

2014 Resolutions

Content Provided by Sierra Morris, CLS Junior Investment Research Analyst Now that it is January, a lot of people are focusing on what they would like to change about themselves over the course of the year. I’ve never participated in ‘New Year – New You’ goals in the past, but I made a resolution to...

Remain Optimistic

Content provided by Marc Pfeffer, CLS Portfolio Manager According to Wikipedia, “Optimism is a mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best (optimized), meaning that in some way for factors that may not be fully comprehended, the present moment is in an optimum state.” The broad concept goes on further...

Avoid the Double Pay

Content provided by Matt Santini, CLS Portfolio Manager Today, I thought I would share what I think is one of the most common individual tax errors.   Before I start, let me remind everyone that neither I, nor CLS are worthy tax advisors.   It is the investor’s responsibility to seek tax advice from a professional. Federal...

Q&A with Portfolio Managers

CLS Portfolio Manager, Matthew Santini