A Figure Appeared in the Night…

Content provided by Paula Wieck, CLS Manager of INvestment Research The other night I was sound asleep…finally, after hours of tossing and turning. I woke abruptly to the faint sound of breathing in my ear and a figure by the side of my bed. Perhaps I’ve watched too many horror movies this past month, but...

Halloween on the Cheap

Content provided by Hande Koop, CLS Trading Manager Every year October 31 is a night of fun, candy, and costumes. Although Americans spend billions in preparation for the Halloween season each year, this year it seems that American households will likely be spending less than in previous years. According to National Retail Federation’s Halloween Spending...

Q&A with CLS Portfolio Managers

What do you expect in February, 2014, when the debt ceiling comes up again? Paula Wieck I think we will continue to see the can kicked down the road, and with each kick there will likely be slight progress. I don’t see how a “grand bargain” will emerge without passing a bill to eliminate the...

ETF Prime Time

Content provided by Case Eichenberger, CLS Internal Wholesaler I recently spent a relaxing Sunday watching my favorite football teams battle each other for superiority and fantasy football points. I began to notice a commercial that kept popping up during the breaks. You have seen them on your TV at one time or another, garnering for...

Statistics About ETF’s Show Exploding Growth

Content provided by Josh Jenkins, CLS Investment Research Analyst The universe of exchange traded products has experienced explosive growth over the last decade, and its continuing to grow. As of the end of September there are now 1,509 exchange-traded products (ETP): 1,302 ETF’s and 207 ETN’s. During the month there were six new ETPs that...

Some Thoughts About China

Content provided by Rui Wang, CLS Research Analyst The recent strong rebound of the Chinese equity market has caught the eye of many investors. In fact, though the Chinese equity market performance has underperformed the U.S market for a year, it is still one of the best-performing emerging equity markets. Although recently there was good...

The Regulators are Watching

Content provided by Michael Forker, CLS Compliance Officer Be careful what you post online, even on Facebook or message boards, because the regulators are watching.  In a recently announced FINRA action, an agent of a broker/dealer agreed to a settlement with FINRA regarding comments he had posted to his Facebook page and on a financial...

Take a Minute

Content provided by J.J. Schenkelberg, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager For some reason, I am most comfortable when I am doing a million things at once and there is some issue to contend with.  In high school I felt compelled to join quiz bowl teams, sing in madrigals and jazz choir, and have parts in the...

Finding High Quality

Content provided by Sierra Morris, Junior Investment Research Analyst Here at CLS, one of our portfolio themes as of late has been high quality. But what does high quality actually mean and how is it measured? There are many ways to look at quality, but two popular methods are the Merton Model and the Piotroski...

CFA Institute Code

Content provided by Steve Donahoe, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager In attending the CFA Institute leadership conference recently in Washington D.C., I had in the back of my mind that I should blog about the experience. While walking through the exhibits it hit me. There in front of me lies the CFA Institute’s code of ethics...