Q&A with CLS Portfolio Managers

What would a government shutdown mean to the markets? Steve Donahoe, CFA The risk of a shutdown on Oct. 1 is a distinct possibility. Some members of the house want to de-fund Obamacare which is obviously a no go with Democrats, especially in the Senate. If they can’t work out a compromise, many functions of...

Trading Hangry

Content provided by Paula Wieck, CLS Manager of Investment Research The other day I was at my desk, trading portfolios.  I knew I was going to have to go get lunch at some point, but I became so engrossed in my analysis that I waited way too long and had become famished – and crabby,...

Invest in Quality

Content provided by Josh Jenkins, CLS Research/Portfolio Analyst One of our primary investment themes at CLS, as we entered 2013, was a focus on quality within the portfolios. The thought was that companies with stable earnings and strong balance sheets should do well in a slow growth and potentially high interest rate environment. Fast forward...

Q & A with CLS Portfolio Managers

Interest rate risk is a concern for investors, what is CLS doing  to manage this risk? Rusty Vanneman, CFA We entered the year concerned about interest rate risk. We have done a few things about it. First, one of our investment themes is “Creative Diversification.”  This means that we are expanding the ways we can...

Prepare for the Unexpected

  Content provided by Ritchie Brown, CLS Director of Trading Nothing ever seems to stay the same, but making changes proves to be very difficult. Sometimes being reactive and letting the changes come to you is the easy road. Trying to be proactive and get ahead of the curve can be very difficult. In the...

Is Focusing on Bank Savings Failing Long-term Investors?

Content provided by Michele Prell, New Business Manager A recent survey done by showed that 26 percent of Americans feel that the money they invest that won’t be needed for 10 or more years would be better served placed in cash.  Only 14 percent believe that long term investments in the stock market would...

Expectations from the Fed Meeting

Content provided by Matt Santini, CLS Portfolio Manager One of the most commonly fielded questions as a portfolio manager is the classic, “What are you watching?”   This is indicative of sideline money, nerves, and just simple opinion missions.   When a domestic market is experiencing such robust gains, the questions tend to have a pessimistic undertone....

Looking for Protein in the Market

Content provided by Sierra Morris, CLS Research/Portfolio Analyst As a vegetarian, I frequently get asked, “How do you get enough protein?” The answer is simply that I make a conscious effort to eat a variety of the large number of meat alternatives on the market. These range from beans to certain vegetables and also fake...

Attention Do-it-Yourself’ers

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CLS Chief Investment Officer Many “do-it-yourself” investors ask me for market tips.  My number one tip?  Get an advisor. Bottom line, advisors help investors reach their financial goals. First, they help investors have a plan. Second, they help investors save more.  In a recent Wall Street Journal article, a study...

Q & A with CLS Portfolio Managers

What impact may the situation in Syria have on the U.S. markets? Rusty Vanneman, CFA “Generally speaking, our decision-making revolves around relative valuations instead of headlines. There may be some short-term downside volatility in the stock market, but that will likely create some opportunities to take advantage of.”   Paula Wieck  “I look at it...