Going at it Alone isn’t Always Worth it

Content provided by Sadie Brewer, CLS Marketing Communications Specialist The past two months have been a blur. I literally couldn’t tell you what I did yesterday, let alone a few days ago. At some point in May, I could find the exact dates but it’s really not that important. I sold my car, sold my...

Partners Aren’t Always Perfect

Content provided by Scott Kubie, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager Last week, my wife, son, and I joined my brother-in-law for a friendly golf competition at the Jaycee Golf Course in Cape Girardeau, MO. Given that none of us play enough golf to be good we decided to play a pair of nine hole, two-person scrambles....

In the Market for a New House?

Content provided by Paula Wieck, Manager of Investment Research Looking to buy a new house?  Holding off because mortgage rates have climbed over a staggering 1 percent since May? Are you checking mortgage rates daily – and cringing, feeling like you dropped the ball on a great buying opportunity? Here’s something to make you feel...

Changing Face of Technology

Content Provided by Scott Kubie, CLS Senior Portfolio Manager In 1999, S&P and MSCI jointly created the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®) codes to classify companies in various groups. Technology was destined to play a big part in the standard because the GICS were created during the height of the technology bubble. It is interesting to...

It’s All About the Quality, Baby

Content provided by Matt Santini, CLS Portfolio Manager Blind yield buying has come back to haunt those who have never bothered to peek. And, since investors are rarely alone and adhere to crowdsourcing, the impact that has rippled through the markets has impacted our sacred defensive sectors. Utilities, REITS, telecom, high yielding credit, and preferred...

Two Over-Rated Performance Numbers

Content provided by Rusty Vanneman, CLS Chief Investment Officer There are a few performance numbers that investors like to examine, which quite frankly, are over-rated in my opinion. The first is the year-to-date (YTD) return. While admittedly a YTD return may provide some valuable context behind a portfolio’s behavior, it’s easy to overemphasize YTD returns...

ETF Duress

Content provided by Grant Engelbart, CLS Research/Portfolio Analyst With the recent volatility in fixed income and emerging markets, ETFs have come under the microscope for being less-than-perfect investment vehicles.  The Financial Times (FT) published an article on June 20 that ruffled some feathers among those in the ETF industry, to say the least. Let’s briefly...

Learning a new language: Investor-ese

Content provided by Sierra Morris, CLS Junior Investment Research Analyst Coming into the investment field as a fresh college graduate, I knew there would be many things that I would be expected to learn. Advanced reasoning, presentation, and excel skills were among my expectations; however a foreign language was not. After my first meeting at...

Fixed Income Markets React To The Fed

Content provided by Josh Jenkins, CLS Research/Portfolio Analyst For the second time this quarter, the Fed has indicated that we may be getting closer to a reduction in the current quantitative easing program. Since the Q&A given by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on June 19, fixed income markets have fallen significantly. The frequently quoted 10-year...

Growing Opportunity for Advisors

Currently, more than $16 trillion is invested in retirement plans, and that number is expected to increase by 40 percent, to $22 trillion in the next three years. That means there are tremendous opportunities for financial advisors to take on some of the fiduciary responsibility for these plans and bring a complete solution to plan...