Building NorthStar

As we began to talk with people throughout the organization about the ten year anniversary, a recurring theme began to emerge: The people who have made a profound impact on NorthStar have been profoundly impacted by NorthStar.

The term excellence has become a PR staple; a word that gets thrown on a banner, a brochure, or a website, and is most often unrecognizable due to its overuse. At NorthStar, the term excellence is more than a bold print we put on a coffee mug; it’s a commitment infused in our DNA. If we do something, you know that we will do it well. This excellence tends to have an effect on people and not get left behind when they walk out the door. With that, when people talk about how they helped build NorthStar, they can’t help but talk about how NorthStar helped build them.



Achieving Goals for You and Your Clients

Someone once told me that if you write goals down you are far more likely to achieve them.  I recently achieved one of my long term goals, receiving my graduate degree. I had planned on getting my masters while I was still an undergrad, but of course after graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I decided...

And the Survey Says…

Confession time: I am a survey junky. I love to read surveys, and consider political polls to be the best form of reality entertainment. I used to work part time for Gallup as a pollster and rarely turn down a call asking me who I will be voting for, what TV shows I watch, or...

NorthStar Marks 10-Year Anniversary

Holding Company’s Subsidiaries Offer Advisors Unique Services to Help Maintain Independence and a Competitive Edge

OMAHA, NEB. – January 29, 2013 – NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC (NorthStar), a holding company for several subsidiaries which manage and service financial assets, has marked the 10-year anniversary of its founding by two veterans of the financial services industry, Michael Miola and the late W. Patrick Clarke.
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Disciplined Risk Management Addresses Brain’s Idiosyncrasies

I will risk embarrassing myself to help illustrate why risk budgeting is a valuable service that CLS provides for our clients. As a neuroscience major in undergrad, I learned that the reasonable, logical part of the brain is not always in charge. Even worse, I learned that because of limitations, the brain does not always...

What’s (Not) in Your Wallet

By now most Americans have received at least one paycheck in the new year, and most of us probably reacted with a resounding “Oh come on!” (mild version…) when we saw the amount.  Granted two percent doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but with the majority of people living paycheck-to-paycheck it can have an effect. ...

Japan’s Central Bank Enters the Devaluing Fray

I read an interesting article this weekend by Ray Dalio, of Bridgewater Associates, about deleveraging. He contends that all countries pass through a similar cycle of leveraging up through the use of credit, followed by a phase of deleveraging to return debt-to-income ratios to manageable levels. Deleveraging can occur in four different ways: 1) debt...

Flu 101: Important Things to Know About Flu Season

1) The medical term for the “flu” is Influenza. Contrary to popular belief, it is a respiratory illness. 2) The flu often peaks in January or February, but vaccines are given from September through March, and cover the 3 main strains of influenza that research has shown to be most common during the upcoming season....

Environmentally Friendly?

When I would present to clients and advisors in the mid-2000s, I often spoke about some potential transformations that would have a large impact on the investing landscape. Energy independence was one of those items. I always imagined it coming from alternative energy and improved batteries. Based on information in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s...

Bulls Are On The Move

How does this bull market in the S&P compare to past bull markets? In short, the economic recovery may be below average, but the stock market strength is clearly above-average. The bull market’s length is now over 1400 days. This is longer than 70 percent of all bull markets. The gain in the S&P is...