October McRip-Off

October is just around the corner. It’s the first full month of autumn, the first month of the last quarter, and oftentimes it sets us up for what we affectionately call the “Santa Claus rally.” There will be fund manager window dressing, arguments over the merits of gold, and even some AAPL stock put on investors’...

Settling Into Our New Home

CLS recently moved down the road into a new corporate headquarters building in West Omaha. All NorthStar Financial Services, LLC (“NorthStar”) companies are now joined under one roof, and we’re proud to call our new building home. NorthStar Founder and Co-Owner, Patrick Clarke, recently stated, “Our new location not only allows for more space, but...

Kim Kardashian Holds the Key to S&P 500 Movement?

There are three kinds of lies in the world: lies, big lies, and statistics. During the first decade of my professional life, this was my mantra as a sportswriter. In a nutshell, it meant that one should always question statistics, because truthfully, numbers can be manipulated and distorted in many ways to try and prove...

Capital Asset Pricing Model Provides Interesting Insight about Investor Expectations

The Capital Asset Pricing Model provides interesting insight about investor expectations. A core assumption in the theory is that the average person is risk averse. This means that he or she would like to get the highest possible return with the least amount of risk. For example, given the option between receiving $100 and flipping...

CLS Hosts Annual President’s Council Conference

Last week was a busy one here at CLS as we hosted our annual President’s Council Conference. After months and months of preparation, we welcomed more than 60 advisors and several partners to our hometown of Omaha, NE, for the three-day event. President’s Council consists of the top 100 advisors doing business with CLS. To...

The Sights and Sounds of Fall

My favorite time of the year is upon us. Never mind the promise of cooler weather, changing leaf colors, or carving pumpkins. I’m talking about the Razorbacks, Cornhuskers, Hawkeyes, and Sooners. The Cougars, Trojans, Utes and Fighting Irish (in no particular order, of course). The Big Ten (really twelve) and the Big Twelve (really ten)....