Marketing Technology

The essential systems that every advisor must have By Peter Montoya All the skill, knowledge and experience in the world can’t impress someone if they know nothing about it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if motivated, qualified prospects could just “know” you were the best Advisor for them and magically appear? Financial Services marketing is nothing...

Creating a Strong Sales Process

Do you have a routine that you follow outlining each step that your sales team executes?  Does the outline intertwine both sales and marketing steps that are taken as you move a lead to a prospect, and a prospect to a client?  Do you utilize metrics to track how long it takes between each step...

Leveraging Professional Relationships

Getting more out of referral relationships with professional contacts, such as CPAs and attorneys is one of the most common challenges that business owners face.  Partnerships with other professionals are only successful when the professional directly witnesses the benefit that their clients receive through your service.  And in most cases, you have to wait for...