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Race Details

Third Annual Relay


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The running event is a relay race to benefit the TeamMates Mentoring Program. Two runners must register and participate as a single relay team. There will be 3 Award categories that you can select to participate your relay team in (Open, Family, Mentor). Please review the Awards section for details. The relay will start and finish in the NorthStar parking lot. Runner #1 will run to the exchange point (approximately 1.5 miles out) then run back to the exchange point in the NorthStar parking lot. Runner #2 will run the same 5k distance out and back to the finish line in the NorthStar parking lot.

Basic Overview:

A team is composed of two participants – Runner #1 and Runner #2. Each participating team will be assigned a team bib number. Members of the team will have duplicate bib numbers provided to both participants in your race packet. It is up to the relay team to determine their own running order. Runner #1 will run a 5k and hand off to Runner #2 who will run a return distance of 5k. The combined distance is a 10k or 5k x2. The relay will start and end in the NorthStar parking lot. There will be an exchange point in the NorthStar parking lot. There will be only one recorded time per team to calculate results.

Detailed Overview:

Please reference the course map. Runner #1 will be guided through a residential area after taking a right turn onto Valley Drive and within a short distance will be on the Zorinsky Trail. Runner #1 will run the trail to 168th Street (approximately 1.5 miles from NorthStar), turn around, then run the same path back to the exchange point in the parking lot. There will be cones and volunteers at the turnaround point.

Runner #1 will return back to the exchange point and Runner #2 will run the same path out and back. Runner #2 will run past the exchange point entrance to the Finish Line. Volunteers will be along Wright Street to guide Runner #1 to the exchange point and Runner #2 to the Finish Line.

A safety plan will be in place to provide emergency services.


Open:  an open team can be any combination of 2 runners (examples: male/male, female/female, or male/female)
Family:  a family team can be any combination of 2 related runners (examples:  spouses, parent/child, cousins, and more)
Mentor:  a mentor team can be any combination of 2 runners, however at least 1 runner must be an active mentor in the TeamMates Program


Race Final Times

Team Bib Number Time
2 Rich’$ 12 56:47:00
Blue Line Bros 13 37:39:00
BoogetyBoogety 71 1:05:30
BoHunks 14 42:07:00
EHC 15 54:50:00
Haiar flyers 16 52:45:00
Johnson’s R Us 17 1:08:55
Kubie Khan and Company 18 55:15:00
LOS PRIMOS DOS 19 55:21:00
Pretend Runners 20 50:49:00
Primal2Fear 21 46:28:00
Reeboks and gravy 22 1:00:46
Running Sue’s 23 40:14:00
RunningRathjens 24 47:49:00
Skyhawks 25 36:15:00
Superman&Son 26 44:58:00
Team Bazinga 27 41:39:00
Team Hintz 28 57:40:00
Team Squirrel 29 46:10:00
The Disgruntled Kittens 30 1:12:19
TheJackson2 31 50:10:00
True Love 222 41:26:00
Turn Down for What! 32 45:10:00
We’reKindofaBigDeal 34 1:05:47
Huffers and Puffers 35 56:35:00
Shot on Goal 70 1:01:25
Maui 72 50:28:00
AreWeThereYet? 36 48:53:00
Born To Run 37 46:17:00
Carpe The Diem 38 49:28:00
CoastBusters 39 59:11:00
Great Danes 40 54:43:00
Mentor Champs 41 49:23:00
Team Benson 42 53:34:00
Team Serendipity 43 57:56:00
100 Miles and Runnin 45 1:00:36
605 Running Company 46 33:53:00
Blethera 48 58:01:00
BOTW – WMG 49 52:34:00
CAG 50 37:26:00
Dertbags 51 53:59:00
Divide et Impera 52 55:13:00
Dream Team 53 50:59:00
Jay Walkers 54 39:16:00
KerrieOn 55 45:44:00
Mario + Luigi 56 58:09:00
Minimal Damage 57 41:53:00
MN DISTANCE 58 35:39:00
More Cowbell 59 56:44:00
No Shirt 60 38:30:00
Running for Kullman 61 48:23:00
TandB 63 1:06:23
The Nebraska Dream 64 52:02:00
The Shells 65 1:00:37
thefury 66 1:02:33
can’thandle 67 1:02:33
Ouch Charlie! That really hurt! 68 50:22:00
KearneySlayers 73 37:11:00

Race Location

2015 Sponsors


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Packet Pick Up

Any member of a registered Team can pick up the Team packet on Friday, June 26th, 2015, between 12pm–6pm.

The pick up location will be at Peak Performance located in West Omaha (2913 South 168th). The store is located just South of 168th and West Center.

The Team Packet can also be picked up the morning of the event from 7:45AM – 8:15AM.


Common Questions

Common questions related to the TeamUp for TeamMates Relay Run. Anything not answered below please refer to the contact form to email the event coordinator.

If I am interested in learning more about the TeamMates Mentoring Program or becoming a Mentor who do I contact?
Please go to and take a moment to view the information about the program. On the website select “Contact Us” to learn more and have someone reach out to you.

Can I be a volunteer for the Relay Event to show my support?
Yes. Being a Volunteer for such a great event is an excellent way to show support for the TeamMates Mentoring Program! Fill out the Comment or question form below.

Is the 5K course an official 3.1 Miles?
Yes, the 5K course has been officially measured by Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC with the use of a Jones Counter. A Jones Counter is used with a bicycle to measure the length of road running course. A Jones Counter is the US and international standard course measurement tool, according to USA Track & Field

Can I walk in the Relay?
Absolutely! Walking is allowed. If you are a registered participant you can decide to walk or run. Please note that Awards are presented for the fastest times in each category.

What is the official Race Start Time?
The official start or gun time is 8:30 AM. Please arrive early to give yourself enough time to get parked, warmed up, and get familiar with the course.

Are Strollers allowed on the course?
Strollers on the course are “highly discouraged”. The first portion of the race will be on a traffic road where space is limited. The Zorinsky Trail is limited in space for runners and use of a stroller may impede the competitive progress of the other participants.

Is the course marked and can I get lost?
The complete course will be well marked with cones, direction signs, and filled with volunteers. Due to the amount of expected participants and countless volunteers it will be difficult to get lost.

Why is space limited for registration?
Due to the popularity of the event registration will fill quickly. The event is a team relay, so the entrants will double in size therefore the space is limited.

When and where do I pick up the team race packet?
Any member of a registered team can pick up the team packet. The pick up location will be at Peak Performance located in West Omaha (2913 South 168th). The store is located just South of 168th and West Center. The team packet can also be picked up the morning of the event from 7 AM – 8 AM.

How will the relay event be timed?
The event will be Gun Time. This means when the gun goes off at the Start, then the official timing or race clock will begin. Only one overall time will be calculated per Team. A visible clock will be available at the Start(Finish) and the Exchange point.

How will Teams be Identified?
Each team registered will be provided two race bibs in their packet. Both runners will have the same Bib numbers to represent their team. The race bib will also indicate what award category your team has been registered to participate in.

Where do I Park?
Parking will be available at NorthStar Financial, which is the same location as the Start of the Relay. Volunteers will be available to guide you to a parking spot. Please, No Parking on Wright Street.

Will Restrooms be available?
Portable restrooms will be available near the Start/Finish line.

Is there a refund for the event?
There will be no refunds after you have officially registered for the TeamUp for TeamMates event. The event is sponsoring all of its registration fees and donations to the TeamMates Mentoring Program.

Comments or Questions about the Event